Monday, April 6, 2015

Food list to lose weight? See which foods you are missing


A food list to lose weight is often missing a very import group of foods, and these would be known as good fats. It is amazing how a simple word can create such a sense of panic for people who want to be thinner. When it comes to fat, dieters actually believe that no-fat is good for getting thinner. Sadly this is a misconception. When creating a food list to lose weight, fat should be central to this menu.  In this post we are going to emphasis how important good fats are to lower your body fat.


A major benefit of fish and dairies are due to the abundance of good fats which are in these foods. One of the best foods for getting thinner is the humble avocado; it is amazing what this food can do to make you thinner. Good fats do more than lowering body fat; they also help your heart to work better.  There are so many “good fat” foods which you can choose and avocado is one of the best. Foods which lower bad cholesterol (blood fat) and improve the heart will get you thinner.  The food list to lose weight must include avocadoes.


Regardless of whether you are thin or overweight, plaque in the arteries build up overtime, this is linked to obesity. Even thin people get blocked arteries, but overweight people usually have more.


Blocked arteries raises bad cholesterol level, but the good news is that good fats remove this!


Avocados are a super food to get your body thin; they have the power to lower bad cholesterol and improve the heart function. This wonderful food flushes fat from the arteries; you will get healthier by including avocado in your diet.


A  Penn State study found subjects who consumed about 3 tablespoons of high-oleic oils (abundant in avocado) on a daily basis for only one month lowered their belly fat by a significant level! 


What may be really amazing is that an avocado a day meal plan produced a lowering of bad cholesterol better than a low fat diet. It is clear that good fats are powerful. Think of all the low fat foods out there and the University study shows the good fat foods works better!


Just one avocado a day for a month:  The Pennsylvania State University study on avocados revealed a double lowering of bad cholesterol compared to low fat diet.


LDL (bad cholesterol) decreased an average of 10 percent when people were on the avocado diet, compared with levels that fell 5 percent for the lower-fat diet and 6 percent for the moderate-fat diet that did not include avocado. We are now the number one diet site in Europe! 


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