Sunday, April 12, 2015

Best food to lose weight? Eat this now

The Swedish diet reveals the best food to lose weight, this is fact. One of the misconceptions about food is how to use fats. When people think of the word “fat”, it often conjures up a lot of negative conceptions, this is bad thinking. The fact of the matter is, without good fats you are not going to lose weight. The best food to lose weight almost always revolves around knowing how to use good fats.


There is no need to count calories when you learn how to combine the right foods together.  When you do this it will actually be easy to be thinner, this always works. In this post we are going to highlight how full body cheese can help your body become thinner. Cheese is a wonderful item; it should be added to your menu. The benefits of eating cheese come not only from the protein but also the delicious and healthy good fats.


There is no need to look for low fat cheeses; the cheese should be consumed in the most natural way; with the full fat. Low fat dairies remove almost all the wonderful health benefits, it is a marketing trick which will not help you lose weight. Seeking the best food to lose weight? Add cheese to the list.


New research back up our claim


Scientists from the University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University confirmed what we have revealed with the Swedish thin diet, good fats make you thinner.


In the Danish study Cheese caused a significant change in body composition compared to those subjects who did not get the dairy.  The secret? The cheese-eating group had higher levels of the compound butyrate, an anti-inflammatory fatty acid that can increase energy production.  Once again it is clear that fat is the key to being thinner!


What this means to you is a thinner body! Less inflammatory fat! And more energy!


The Swedish diet reveals the best food to lose weight, when the right foods are combined the results are doubled. This is why the Swedish Thin diet is used in 10 countries.
























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