Friday, May 15, 2015

How to lose 3 stones the right way

How to lose 3 stones? In England a person will speak in terms of losing a stone as opposed to An American who would speak in terms of losing weight. Many from the United Kingdom read this site; we have more than 7,000 followers in the UK. Obesity is increasing in much of the United States and parts of England. How to lose 3 stones is a very common question which we receive, the answer is in the Swedish diet. The very specific combination of foods will cause the body to automatically become thinner.


The cost of inner fat


Being overweight puts a tremendous amount of strain on the heart, liver and kidneys. What most people are unaware of is, people who are overweight also carry a dangerous internal fat which surrounds the major organs. The majority of diets are simply a waste of time. All diets are based on low fat foods, and other gimmicks which do not reduce body fat. Obesity is an inflammatory condition which leads to many health complications, dieting foods does not make a person thinner. What works to make a person thin is eating very specific foods in the right combination; this works every time. Why does this work? When very specific foods are combined, it creates a synergy affect which heals the body. This automatically leads to weight loss. How to lose 3 stones?  It is the very specific combination of certain foods which work.


We have shown people in over 10 countries how full fat yogurt caused more body fat loss than low fat yogurt. We have shown thousands that combining certain foods together automatically cause the body to become thinner. Sweden has one of the lowest obesity rates in the world; this is because we know which foods to combine. There is no need to deny yourself good food, but you do need to know which foods to combine together. This sounds so simple but it works every time, when the body is given the right natural foods, fat cannot stay on the body. There is no need to count calories, or any other short cuts.


Since the addition of calorie labels on foods back in the 1990’s people have become fatter. The Obesity rate has increased.  Counting calories or eating low fat foods will never cause your body to drop fat. How to lose 3 stones? Simply by eat exactly what we have shown works every time.  




Thursday, May 14, 2015

Which weight loss pill works best? More heart attacks coming

Which weight loss pill works best? This is a question that those who are desperate to lose weight often ask themselves. Unfortunately, those who have failed at dieting often resort to dangerous diet pills in an attempt lose body fat. It must be made clear that the manufacturers of these diet pills don’t care about you, each year thousands risk heart attacks and death from dieting pills. Which diet pill works best? The answer is clear that they all ruin the heart and can result in loss of life.  In addition, they do not cause any significant loss of body fat.


Another diet pill maker caught in fraud


Just last month we reported on a young woman who lost her life from ingesting dieting pills. The pills which really produced no significant fat loss literally fried her body from the inside out. A new report released finds that the manufacturers of another fat loss pill may have defrauded the public.


Why are dieting pills so dangerous?  The danger from diet pills resides in the fact that they often put extreme stress the heart.


These pills often force an increase in metabolism. Your heart beats at a steady pace through out your lifetime; any additional stress on the heart can be fatal.


The manufacturers of dieting pills often hide the fact that the medications stress the heart. These pills which all but guarantee that you will have less body fat are fake; they do not work. Which weight loss pill works best?  Not one!


The manufacturers of the so-called fat loss drug Contrave have promoted the pills as a way to actually “lower” heart attack risk, but this data was wrong!  The medical community blew the whistle!


“We felt it was unacceptable to allow misleading interim data to be in the public domain and be acted upon by patients and providers,” Dr. Steven Nissen, chairman of cardiovascular medicine at the Cleveland Clinic and head of the trial’s steering committee, said in an interview.


How to really lose weight by simply combining the right foods..not pills


We have made it abundantly clear on this site that it is the specific combination of certain foods which automatically causes weight loss. Thousands of people in more than 10 countries read this site because we have revealed how to really be thinner.


All you have to do is combine the right delicious foods together and your body does the rest. When the right foods are combined this creates a synergy affect leading to stunning fat loss. Nothing causes weight loss faster than combining the right foods together. This works every time, this is all you need to do, no counting calories or counting anything.


Which weight loss pill works best? Why would you ruin your heart with pills which are not effective? Combining the right foods causes an automatic loss of body fat. This is what works in 10 countries.



Thursday, April 16, 2015

Can Greek Yogurt save Greece and your Body?

Many people have fallen in love with Greek yogurt; it is suppose to be a very healthy food to lose weight but is it? Greek yogurt is a booming business and some think it just might be able to save the sinking Greece economy, this is not an exaggeration.

Many countries in Europe are suffering from an economic slow down, the economy in Italy, Spain and even England are all in trouble. What Greece has that the other European countries do not is Greek yogurt, in this post we are going to look at the facts surrounding Greek yogurt.

Greek yogurt is a $4 billion dollar business in the United States alone! When something becomes trendy in the USA, it can really spread like wildfire. Greek yogurt is purported to have twice the protein of regular yogurts, and more probiotics( good stuff for the body).  That is the good news! But there is more, Greek yogurt sells so well many assume it has the potential to lift the lagging economy of Greece.

The most popular yogurt in the world is Chobani, they are the number one sellers of Greek yogurt. Despite the popularity of Chobani’s yogurt the money is not ending up in Greece.  Chobani was actually started in the United States and they take in more than half of all the sales of Greek yogurt in the world!

The company has annual sales of more than $500 million dollars.

While Greece has once again been put on the map, because of the Greek yogurt craze most of the money is not going to Greece.  Chobani is an American company; their yogurt has helped boost the economy of Upstate New York not Greece

Yogurt rival Fage, which really does make Greek yogurt recently won a court battle against Chobani.  Chobani will not be able to call their yogurt “Greek” in England.

So in a nut shell, some popularity surrounding Greek yogurt may help Greece in a residual way but not much.

Greek Yogurt leaves out the best part

Another reason to skip the Greek yogurt is because; those of us looking to lose weight need whole fat yogurt NOT fat free!  Most yogurts are non fat, and this is bad news. It is the good fats which cause weight loss.  Whole fat dairy cause stunning weight loss, this is because of fat compounds which reduce body fat.

Fat free may sound health but in reality it is not.  So, Greek yogurt may not help you lose weight or help the economy in Greece.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Best food to lose weight? Eat this now

The Swedish diet reveals the best food to lose weight, this is fact. One of the misconceptions about food is how to use fats. When people think of the word “fat”, it often conjures up a lot of negative conceptions, this is bad thinking. The fact of the matter is, without good fats you are not going to lose weight. The best food to lose weight almost always revolves around knowing how to use good fats.


There is no need to count calories when you learn how to combine the right foods together.  When you do this it will actually be easy to be thinner, this always works. In this post we are going to highlight how full body cheese can help your body become thinner. Cheese is a wonderful item; it should be added to your menu. The benefits of eating cheese come not only from the protein but also the delicious and healthy good fats.


There is no need to look for low fat cheeses; the cheese should be consumed in the most natural way; with the full fat. Low fat dairies remove almost all the wonderful health benefits, it is a marketing trick which will not help you lose weight. Seeking the best food to lose weight? Add cheese to the list.


New research back up our claim


Scientists from the University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University confirmed what we have revealed with the Swedish thin diet, good fats make you thinner.


In the Danish study Cheese caused a significant change in body composition compared to those subjects who did not get the dairy.  The secret? The cheese-eating group had higher levels of the compound butyrate, an anti-inflammatory fatty acid that can increase energy production.  Once again it is clear that fat is the key to being thinner!


What this means to you is a thinner body! Less inflammatory fat! And more energy!


The Swedish diet reveals the best food to lose weight, when the right foods are combined the results are doubled. This is why the Swedish Thin diet is used in 10 countries.























Monday, April 6, 2015

Food list to lose weight? See which foods you are missing


A food list to lose weight is often missing a very import group of foods, and these would be known as good fats. It is amazing how a simple word can create such a sense of panic for people who want to be thinner. When it comes to fat, dieters actually believe that no-fat is good for getting thinner. Sadly this is a misconception. When creating a food list to lose weight, fat should be central to this menu.  In this post we are going to emphasis how important good fats are to lower your body fat.


A major benefit of fish and dairies are due to the abundance of good fats which are in these foods. One of the best foods for getting thinner is the humble avocado; it is amazing what this food can do to make you thinner. Good fats do more than lowering body fat; they also help your heart to work better.  There are so many “good fat” foods which you can choose and avocado is one of the best. Foods which lower bad cholesterol (blood fat) and improve the heart will get you thinner.  The food list to lose weight must include avocadoes.


Regardless of whether you are thin or overweight, plaque in the arteries build up overtime, this is linked to obesity. Even thin people get blocked arteries, but overweight people usually have more.


Blocked arteries raises bad cholesterol level, but the good news is that good fats remove this!


Avocados are a super food to get your body thin; they have the power to lower bad cholesterol and improve the heart function. This wonderful food flushes fat from the arteries; you will get healthier by including avocado in your diet.


A  Penn State study found subjects who consumed about 3 tablespoons of high-oleic oils (abundant in avocado) on a daily basis for only one month lowered their belly fat by a significant level! 


What may be really amazing is that an avocado a day meal plan produced a lowering of bad cholesterol better than a low fat diet. It is clear that good fats are powerful. Think of all the low fat foods out there and the University study shows the good fat foods works better!


Just one avocado a day for a month:  The Pennsylvania State University study on avocados revealed a double lowering of bad cholesterol compared to low fat diet.


LDL (bad cholesterol) decreased an average of 10 percent when people were on the avocado diet, compared with levels that fell 5 percent for the lower-fat diet and 6 percent for the moderate-fat diet that did not include avocado. We are now the number one diet site in Europe! 


You can lose 10, 20, 30 or more pounds with the full Swedish diet. Start the diet today! SEE HERE  The Swedish Thin diet now used in 10 countries

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Why Diet soda makes you fat and why they want you to keep drinking

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Diet soda actually causes weight gain, this has been suggested in numerous of studies and confirmed very recently.
The reason why diet drinks cause weight gain is due to the fact that they all contain a substance called aspartame. This is a chemical which has a much more intense sweetness that natural sugar. It may be hard for people to believe but plain sugar is still the safest and best sweetener when used in moderation. Diet soda causes weight gain because of the way in which the chemical reacts in the body.

Brazilian research team with the Faculty of Medicine of the Federal University do Rio Grande do Sul. subjects were fed plain yogurt sweetened with either aspartame, saccharin, or sugar, plus their regular meal for 12 weeks.

"Results showed that the addition of either saccharin or aspartame to yogurt resulted in increased weight gain compared to addition of sucrose, however total caloric intake was similar among groups,"

The study made it clear that plain sugar did not cause weight gain but the diet drinks did!

More than making you fat

Weight gain from diet drinks may be horrible, but what should be of concern to those who drink the beverage is the fact that it is also linked to brain damage.

A study published on Redox Biology and Science Direct revealed that Long-term FDA approved daily acceptable intake of  aspartame  distorted the brain function and generated damages in brain regions. Basically, we are looking at dysfunction in the brain from a substance in diet soda.

The diet soda industry is a billion dollar profit industry, this is a lot of money and there are many who want to make sure that you keep drinking this stuff.

You get thinner naturally when you are using a natural diet, a Swedish diet is as close to natural as you can get. Artificial sweeteners are "artificial", the human body does not process un-natural substances without there being some side effects. Every can of a diet soda (this includes diet Snapple and all diet drinks) include the chemical aspartame. Splenda is just a horrible.

You will continual be pushed to keep drinking diet drinks because of the billions of dollars in profit that the manufacturers profit.  When the body normalizes with natural food which we present on this site you will be thinner.

This is how you get thin!

SEE HERE The Swedish Thin diet now used in 10 countries

Monday, March 16, 2015

Food to lose weight? This works

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When seeking a food to lose weight you have to know how the body works, in this post we are going to reveal one of the best secrets on the Swedish Thin diet.  It is possible to lower a tremendous amount of body fat by combining very specific foods together. Dieting only works when the right foods are consumed, this does not require any calorie counting when you eat in moderation. The best food to lose weight will always have the ability to affect body fat, in this post we will showcase a very tasty delight for summer or any time of the year.

Thinking about beautiful colors and foods

We are truly blessed to have so many different foods which do so many wonderful things for the body, the colors of these foods indicate very powerful compounds which can help a person get much thinner. Certain foods literally have the ability to lower the amount of fat on the body, while still tasting fantastic. Fruits can be an amazing help when people are looking to get thinner, when used in the correct way; you will be on your way to a much thinner body.

 What can red do for you?

Watermelon is one of the healthiest foods that a person can consume, the combination of nutrition in a watermelon is very hard to surpass. 

Watermelon thin

Researchers from Purdue University used a very specific diet to actually cause high cholesterol, but what the researchers found out was that, when the subjects were given watermelon juice they were protected!   

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Those who were fed a typical diet  to raise cholesterol with plain water were not protected. After 2 months, watermelon juice had even caused a lower body weight by decreasing fat mass.

One of the amazing results of the study was that the muscle was preserved while most of the fat was removed from the belly! The water in the melon also helps stop cravings and hydrates a person in any weather.


Image result for watermelon blender juice lemon

A 5 minute recipe from Swedish Thin diet makes you thinner!

Use a blender: Serves 1 or 2 people

 2 cups of diced watermelon( without the shell)

1 half of a lemon
2 teaspoons of real sugar(don't be afraid of sugar in moderation

 Image result for watermelon lemon
This recipe can be used between meals or with your meal to make you thinner. The Melons and lemons combine to flush out any belly fat.  The specific combination of foods make you simply thinner! This is food to lose weight!

Why not get the full Swedish thin diet. Here

How thousands of women lost weight for a wedding by combining foods, now used in over 10 countries