Friday, March 20, 2015

Why Diet soda makes you fat and why they want you to keep drinking

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Diet soda actually causes weight gain, this has been suggested in numerous of studies and confirmed very recently.
The reason why diet drinks cause weight gain is due to the fact that they all contain a substance called aspartame. This is a chemical which has a much more intense sweetness that natural sugar. It may be hard for people to believe but plain sugar is still the safest and best sweetener when used in moderation. Diet soda causes weight gain because of the way in which the chemical reacts in the body.

Brazilian research team with the Faculty of Medicine of the Federal University do Rio Grande do Sul. subjects were fed plain yogurt sweetened with either aspartame, saccharin, or sugar, plus their regular meal for 12 weeks.

"Results showed that the addition of either saccharin or aspartame to yogurt resulted in increased weight gain compared to addition of sucrose, however total caloric intake was similar among groups,"

The study made it clear that plain sugar did not cause weight gain but the diet drinks did!

More than making you fat

Weight gain from diet drinks may be horrible, but what should be of concern to those who drink the beverage is the fact that it is also linked to brain damage.

A study published on Redox Biology and Science Direct revealed that Long-term FDA approved daily acceptable intake of  aspartame  distorted the brain function and generated damages in brain regions. Basically, we are looking at dysfunction in the brain from a substance in diet soda.

The diet soda industry is a billion dollar profit industry, this is a lot of money and there are many who want to make sure that you keep drinking this stuff.

You get thinner naturally when you are using a natural diet, a Swedish diet is as close to natural as you can get. Artificial sweeteners are "artificial", the human body does not process un-natural substances without there being some side effects. Every can of a diet soda (this includes diet Snapple and all diet drinks) include the chemical aspartame. Splenda is just a horrible.

You will continual be pushed to keep drinking diet drinks because of the billions of dollars in profit that the manufacturers profit.  When the body normalizes with natural food which we present on this site you will be thinner.

This is how you get thin!

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