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Food to lose weight? This works

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When seeking a food to lose weight you have to know how the body works, in this post we are going to reveal one of the best secrets on the Swedish Thin diet.  It is possible to lower a tremendous amount of body fat by combining very specific foods together. Dieting only works when the right foods are consumed, this does not require any calorie counting when you eat in moderation. The best food to lose weight will always have the ability to affect body fat, in this post we will showcase a very tasty delight for summer or any time of the year.

Thinking about beautiful colors and foods

We are truly blessed to have so many different foods which do so many wonderful things for the body, the colors of these foods indicate very powerful compounds which can help a person get much thinner. Certain foods literally have the ability to lower the amount of fat on the body, while still tasting fantastic. Fruits can be an amazing help when people are looking to get thinner, when used in the correct way; you will be on your way to a much thinner body.

 What can red do for you?

Watermelon is one of the healthiest foods that a person can consume, the combination of nutrition in a watermelon is very hard to surpass. 

Watermelon thin

Researchers from Purdue University used a very specific diet to actually cause high cholesterol, but what the researchers found out was that, when the subjects were given watermelon juice they were protected!   

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Those who were fed a typical diet  to raise cholesterol with plain water were not protected. After 2 months, watermelon juice had even caused a lower body weight by decreasing fat mass.

One of the amazing results of the study was that the muscle was preserved while most of the fat was removed from the belly! The water in the melon also helps stop cravings and hydrates a person in any weather.


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A 5 minute recipe from Swedish Thin diet makes you thinner!

Use a blender: Serves 1 or 2 people

 2 cups of diced watermelon( without the shell)

1 half of a lemon
2 teaspoons of real sugar(don't be afraid of sugar in moderation

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This recipe can be used between meals or with your meal to make you thinner. The Melons and lemons combine to flush out any belly fat.  The specific combination of foods make you simply thinner! This is food to lose weight!

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