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How to lose weight with a certain recipe

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How to lose weight is a common question, often there are foods which can do wonders for the body but people are simply not aware of it. Food is fantastic and when used in the right way; it can cause fantastic health benefits. Foods can be delicious and cause fat to be reduced on the body. In this post, we will address the “how to lose weight” question by intruding you to a nice recipe which should be apart of your meal plan.


Eat to be thinner


There is no reason you have to be stuck with boring foods to be thinner. Foods are a wonderful part of life, and when they are utilized in the right way they can cause a tremendous loss of body fat. Chicken is a wonderful weight loss food when used in the right meal, what most people are not aware of is that “dark meat poultry” is excellent for the body (and for getting thinner).


We have all heard about white meat chicken (which can be excellent) but dark meat poultry is actually healthier! We are going to show you a wonderful how to lose weight recipe using dark meat chicken. This may be the only site which reveals these amazing food facts.


Why dark meat is actually healthier than white meat


We have been taught to believe that white meat is healhier because it has less saturated fat but there is far more to the story. Although white meat does have less saturated fat, dark meat contains much more blockbuster nutrients! In addition to taurine( a weight loss protein)


 Dark meat is far richer in minerals such as iron, zinc and selenium, as well as vitamins A, K and the B complex — B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin) B6, B9 (folate) and B12 (cobalamin) In fact dark meat blows white meat out the park in terms of nutriton!



Here is a Swedish thin popular, how to lose weight recipe using dark meat chicken.



Swedish Thin Chicken


Dark Chicken: A proten and weight loss super food
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Romaine lettuce: This is a natural full filled with water, vitamins and minerals.
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Black beans: According to the Jounal of Food Science black beans is a supe star food to clean arteries and lower bad cholestrol. Black beans flush fat and stop bad cholestrol from oxidizing.


Brown rice: Powerful fiber in only 1 cup keep you full and the fiber is amazing.
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