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Still hungry at night? Do this

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Are you still hungry at night after dinner? If this is your situation, you are not alone. A very common problem for many people is late night cravings. The worst thing you can do when you want something more to eat is to deny yourself; this use of willpower is a certain path to failure. If you are finding that you are still hungry at night do not get down on yourself, the best thing to do is to eat, do this in the right way and you will still lose weight.

Eating to get thinner

It is very possible to eat and still get thinner; the secret is in knowing which foods to use, once you know what to eat you will be free to indulge at midnight.

There are some who say we should not eat pass a certain hour but this is not practical and it is a bit like torture if you feel hungry.

It may surprise people to learn that the cry for food is not coming from the stomach; it is actually coming from the brain. Once the brain triggers fire there is a desire for food, this is something that affects many people; all food addictions and binge eating are rooted in the brain.  

If you are still hungry at night after eating an earlier meal it is a brain response not the stomach.

Researchers at the University of North Carolina discovered that some people have brain wiring which signals a repeated response for food even when full.

“The study underscores that obesity and other eating disorders have a neurological basis,” says senior study author Garret Stuber, assistant professor in the department of psychiatry and department of cell biology and physiology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

What causes these triggers? It could be depression, abuses, menstrual cycle, anxiety…etc. Basically life’s pains make us reach for a pleasure called food.

When you are hungry eat a weight loss snack!

Forget willpower and eat something that cause will weight loss like a cold cereal treat!

If you are still hungry at night we are going to reveal a treat which is excellent for weight loss. We have heard of women who have lost 10 pounds in a month with this snack.


1. Blueberries: have compounds which not only cause weight loss but stop the affects of a fatty meal.

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2. Whole fat dairy stimulates weight loss (does not work with low fat)
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Cold cereal: We use raw oats! (Sweeten as you like but don’t over do it with sugar)
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Those not brave enough for raw oats can use any cold cereal
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Why this works! The blueberry compounds reduce fat cells particularly on the belly, the whole fat dairy has fat compounds which reduce body fat. The Oats are 100 whole grain and will stop the hunger.

*Note: You can use any cereal that you like, just make sure it is unsweetened.
Add your own sugar! The food manufacturers purposely put an abundance of sugar so get unsweetened cereal and add your own sugar.

This is a great treat if you are still hungry at night!  A nice bowl of cold cereal done in the right way will have you still losing weight.

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