Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Does fat make you fat? No, but it can make you thinner

Does fat make you fat? It is clear from science that the low-fat craze may be part of the reason we have a hard time losing weight. Many big food makers have profited financially from the removal of fats from the Western diet but the people who eat these low-fat foods may be the innocent victim of the food altering. This now brings us to a very important question, does fat make you fat?


The low-fat disaster


Very shaky (and simply bad science in the 1980’s) lead Americans to believe that fats were bad for health, fats were blamed for everything from obesity, cancer, to diabetes but the research was wrong.


Things became worst when television commercials promoting low fat foods as a way to get very thin flooded our homes. The problem is that these low fat foods have never helped anyone lose weight; it is simply Foodmaker marketing tricks.  One of the most damaging affects of the “fats are bad myth” was the egg whites diet, people were throwing out the yellow yolk which contained more than 90% of the egg health benefits to consume only the egg whites.


We saw a shift to margarine, skim milk and low fat cheeses, all these foods removed the valuable health promoting fat compounds. Does fat make you fat? No, fats actually cause you to become thinner.


A return to good fats


Along with the myths about fats came a similar fallacy about cholesterol, eggs have never been shown to raise cholesterol in 90% of the population but this fact was ignored by the food marketers. Low cholesterol and low fats became catch words for healthy but this was more marketing than science.



“Eggs are an animal product, and they do contain cholesterol,” Lisa Cimperman, a registered dietician for UH Case Medical Center, told  “But actually, cholesterol in foods doesn’t affect our blood cholesterol as much as saturated fat does


Salmon, Eggs, and diary are packed with body fat lower good fats.


Does fat make you fat? Swedish researchers have revealed that full fat diary actually causes more body-fat loss than low-fat dairy. Dairy fats contain healthy compounds which lower body fat, if you are eating low fat yogurt you are not getting the full benefits. The powerful fat compounds were thrown in the garbage.
This is healthy full fat yogurt from the Swedish Diet


When the right foods are combined (while utilizing full fats) you get thin very fast, this is one of the reasons the Swedish weight loss diet is used in over 10 countries to get thin quickly.  




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