Thursday, November 6, 2014

Stress to fit the Dress? 2 ways to do it

If you are experiencing stress when trying to fit a dress (or any gown) you should be aware that one of the first things you have got to do is to try and relax. This is not only good advice, it is actually based on real science which shows that stresses cause our body to hold fat. If you have excessive stress it will be hard to fit the dress, in this post we will address the 2 ways to get to your perfect weight, so you will look your best in your clothes.  The diet is based in the popular Swedish diet discovered in 2005.


Naturally nervous


It is very natural to get caught up in the excitement of wanting to look good for a particular event; the problem is that this enthusiasm can create hidden stresses which affect the way your body’s hormones work. The more excitement around an event the more likely that things will become stressful, this is true for almost all people, too much excitement works against you. Looking good in a dress means choosing one that complements the body, often women are discouraged because of their weight, this discouragement can cause even greater stress leading to the body holding fat. 


The stress hormone


The stress hormone is called leptin and it causes your body to hold fat, dieting does not work well when you are stressed out. If you want to fit the dress there are 2 ways to do it, the first thing you must do is to remember that this is suppose to be fun not stressful. Keep your thoughts on good food and good people.


Getting to the idea weight


The fastest way to get to an idea weight and fit a dress was answered by the people of Sweden, the way to do this is to combine very specific foods, the synergy which is created by combining certain foods causes fat to come off the body fast. When very precise foods are combined they work together to cause the fastest weight loss possible, this is scientifically proven. 

Yogurt is a great food for losing weight according recent studies, what is crucial is that you use real whole fat yogurt not the low fat kind!

Whole fat yogurt causes your body to lose fat, this does not work with low fat yogurt.

3 recent studies in adults and children proved that full fat dairy caused 4 times more fat loss that low-fat dairy!
 Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) nutrition expert Walter Willet confirmed that it is full fats which have a compound which reduces body fat.

The Recipe...Whole Fat Yogurt

Blueberries: Adding Blueberries doubles the fat burning affect of yogurt. The Experimental Biology convention released a study where it was shown that blueberries have a powerful affect on reducing belly fat, the berries actually reverse inflammation body fat. Combining the blueberries in the full fat yogurt doubles the weight loss. The right food combination is the secret to the Swedish weight loss diet.

Always buy whole fat yogurt without any artificial sweeteners, add your own raw honey, white sugar or brown sugar.

Raw Honey pictured below in our own Swedish recipe.                                    

The combination of very specific foods caused women in Europe to fit the dress for a very popular wedding, keeping stress under control and combining very specific foods creates synergy, allowing you to be the weight you would like.



How thousands of women lost weight for a wedding by combining foods, now used in over 10 countries





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