Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lose weight to fit dress

How to lose weight to fit a dress is one of the more common questions on this site, the wedding is coming and you are not at the size you would like to be; but you can do something about this. Special events can be good but they can also cause a lot of stress, we simply want to look our best. When you are trying to lose weight to fit a dress it is best to do what science says works fastest.



Most people who are trying to reach an ideal weight fail at their goal, there are so many who are dieting, starving and exercising but they are not reaching the results that they would like to see. The fact of the matter is that most diets fail, there are foods which can help but this will also only bring a very modest amount of results, you must take food a step further.


What works?


The specific “combination” of foods is what researchers show causes the fastest amount of weight loss, this is a scientific fact, this works because combining foods create a synergy affect. When the right food are combined together an amazing thing happens, fat comes off the body, this is how to lose weight to fit the dress. We have showed literally thousands of women and men that it is the very prĂ©cis and specific combination of foods which cause the body to eliminate body fat. It is quite possible to drop 2 or 3 dress sizes in a very short period of time by precisely combining the right foods.


Did you know?


The combination of yogurt and blueberries caused a double loss of fat versus a western diet? this worked because the probiotics in the yogurt mixed with the phyto-chemicals of the blueberries causing a doubling of fat loss.


*Note: You cannot simply buy a blueberry yogurt in a store and get the same affect, you must combine it yourself.


Here is a 5 minute recipe


  1. ½ a cup raw blueberries (or frozen)
  2. ½ a cup of plain store bought yogurt (NON SWEETENED)
  3. ½ a cup of any nuts
  4. ½ a cup of water
  5. 7 ice cubes


Blender this all together


Add raw sugar (or white table sugar) and sweeten in moderation


Why did this work? The fat in the nuts stops hunger craving without causing weight gain.


Only buy plain yogurt and sweeten it yourself in moderation, the sweetened yogurts are all sweetened with artificial sweeteners which are linked to weight gain! 


Blueberries literally attack stomach fat, a compound in the blueberries were shown to specifically target stomach fat, when the blueberries mix with the compounds in the yogurt the affect was doubled!  This is but a sample of how to lose to fit the dress; this is how the women from Sweden lost the weight for the wedding











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