Thursday, May 14, 2015

Which weight loss pill works best? More heart attacks coming

Which weight loss pill works best? This is a question that those who are desperate to lose weight often ask themselves. Unfortunately, those who have failed at dieting often resort to dangerous diet pills in an attempt lose body fat. It must be made clear that the manufacturers of these diet pills don’t care about you, each year thousands risk heart attacks and death from dieting pills. Which diet pill works best? The answer is clear that they all ruin the heart and can result in loss of life.  In addition, they do not cause any significant loss of body fat.


Another diet pill maker caught in fraud


Just last month we reported on a young woman who lost her life from ingesting dieting pills. The pills which really produced no significant fat loss literally fried her body from the inside out. A new report released finds that the manufacturers of another fat loss pill may have defrauded the public.


Why are dieting pills so dangerous?  The danger from diet pills resides in the fact that they often put extreme stress the heart.


These pills often force an increase in metabolism. Your heart beats at a steady pace through out your lifetime; any additional stress on the heart can be fatal.


The manufacturers of dieting pills often hide the fact that the medications stress the heart. These pills which all but guarantee that you will have less body fat are fake; they do not work. Which weight loss pill works best?  Not one!


The manufacturers of the so-called fat loss drug Contrave have promoted the pills as a way to actually “lower” heart attack risk, but this data was wrong!  The medical community blew the whistle!


“We felt it was unacceptable to allow misleading interim data to be in the public domain and be acted upon by patients and providers,” Dr. Steven Nissen, chairman of cardiovascular medicine at the Cleveland Clinic and head of the trial’s steering committee, said in an interview.


How to really lose weight by simply combining the right foods..not pills


We have made it abundantly clear on this site that it is the specific combination of certain foods which automatically causes weight loss. Thousands of people in more than 10 countries read this site because we have revealed how to really be thinner.


All you have to do is combine the right delicious foods together and your body does the rest. When the right foods are combined this creates a synergy affect leading to stunning fat loss. Nothing causes weight loss faster than combining the right foods together. This works every time, this is all you need to do, no counting calories or counting anything.


Which weight loss pill works best? Why would you ruin your heart with pills which are not effective? Combining the right foods causes an automatic loss of body fat. This is what works in 10 countries.




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