Friday, May 15, 2015

How to lose 3 stones the right way

How to lose 3 stones? In England a person will speak in terms of losing a stone as opposed to An American who would speak in terms of losing weight. Many from the United Kingdom read this site; we have more than 7,000 followers in the UK. Obesity is increasing in much of the United States and parts of England. How to lose 3 stones is a very common question which we receive, the answer is in the Swedish diet. The very specific combination of foods will cause the body to automatically become thinner.


The cost of inner fat


Being overweight puts a tremendous amount of strain on the heart, liver and kidneys. What most people are unaware of is, people who are overweight also carry a dangerous internal fat which surrounds the major organs. The majority of diets are simply a waste of time. All diets are based on low fat foods, and other gimmicks which do not reduce body fat. Obesity is an inflammatory condition which leads to many health complications, dieting foods does not make a person thinner. What works to make a person thin is eating very specific foods in the right combination; this works every time. Why does this work? When very specific foods are combined, it creates a synergy affect which heals the body. This automatically leads to weight loss. How to lose 3 stones?  It is the very specific combination of certain foods which work.


We have shown people in over 10 countries how full fat yogurt caused more body fat loss than low fat yogurt. We have shown thousands that combining certain foods together automatically cause the body to become thinner. Sweden has one of the lowest obesity rates in the world; this is because we know which foods to combine. There is no need to deny yourself good food, but you do need to know which foods to combine together. This sounds so simple but it works every time, when the body is given the right natural foods, fat cannot stay on the body. There is no need to count calories, or any other short cuts.


Since the addition of calorie labels on foods back in the 1990’s people have become fatter. The Obesity rate has increased.  Counting calories or eating low fat foods will never cause your body to drop fat. How to lose 3 stones? Simply by eat exactly what we have shown works every time.  





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