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Diet for Wedding success? What the Swedish know

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There are many people who are seeking a diet for wedding success but few really know the right way to lose the pounds. The Swedish are very beautiful people and they have one of the lowest rates of obesity in the world, when science looks at what works to drop body fat it is clear that the majority of diets simply do not work, this is a sad scientific truth. It is better to know the truth that most diets do not work so you can find real weight loss success. If you are seeking a diet for a wedding, we are going to explain what will really work to cause the fastest and healthiest weight loss in the shortest time.

The big day is coming

Ok, the big day is coming and you are not at your ideal weight, you may be the bride, bridesmaid or a family member but the bottom line is that you want to look your best. The key to getting as thin as possible resides in combining the right foods together. The exact combination of very specific foods cause a synergy affect leading to stunning weight loss is a short period of time. Food work best when they are combined, the combination of very specific foods will lead to a great lose of body fat than any single food.

A diet for wedding success must be able to reverse your body fat percentage naturally, this is what food combining does. We are going to give a sample recipe which can cause absolutely wonderful weight loss.

Whole fat dairy can do wonders

How fat dairy such as whole milk or yogurt contain compounds which lower food fat, the same affect is not produced from low fat or skim dairy.  In a remarkable Swedish study, it was revealed whole fat dairy causes weight loss where as low fat does not, whole fat dairy has body-fat lowering compounds which cause weight loss.  A study in The Scandinavian Journal of Health showed that full fat dairy leads to a slimmer body where as low fat does not. Full fat milk,cheese and yogurts have fat compound which lower body fat.

There is more!

Washington State University researcher Dr. Charles Benbrook, revealed that whole milk is much healthier that skim or low fat. The researchers showed that whole milk has wonderfully high levels of important omega 3 fat oils ,these oil are linked to lower body fat and clear skin. 

Getting thinner now

To get thin now you need to combine the right foods together, when full fat yogurt is combined with certain fruits the weight loss is doubled in 50% less time than using the foods separately.

A diet for wedding success? a starter recipe

Full fat yogurt is amazing and when mixed with dark berries the fat loss is doubled.

1. Half a cup of full fat yogurt(unsweetened)

2. Half cup whole milk

3.  half a cup of dark berries

4. Real sugar in limited quantities( sugar is great when used in moderation) Avoid all fake sweeteners. 

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This drink is a weight loss power house, this is just one sample of the Swedish Thin Diet. Look to the Swedes, a popular guide which helped just a few women in Scandinavia lose great fat for their big day spread to many thousands of other women looking to lose weight for other events.  Why did the diet work so well? It is clear from health researchers that the combination of certain foods in the dieting plan did an amazing thing, it reversed the inflammation body fat naturally causing fast weight loss.

When you find the right combinations of foods the fat melts off, this is how so many women  in Europe lost weight for their wedding. If you are seeking a diet for wedding success, this works.

The Swedish Thin diet Guide is now used in over 20 countries, this is just one recipe from the full diet

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